Bottling the 2012 Vintage

It is always an exciting and fulfilling experience to finally capture the essence of an entire year’s labour over our hotel’s vineyard with the actual wine bottling process.

Vineyard hotel

Vineyard hotel

Having spent the better part of the day encapsulating the 2012 vintage I cannot help but thinking it was well worth the effort and the wait.

The orange golden hues of the 2012 Chardonnay and the burgundy red  of the Merlot – having patiently  waited for their turn in the bottle – warmed my heart and helped reconnect my spirit with the significant dimensions of human excistence.


Vineyard Blossom

Young vines

For having experienced the activities surrounding the interesting farming activity of wine growing, participated in harvest and the pressing of the grapes, experienced wine making methods with traditional as well as modern means and the techniques of ageing wine, enjoyed distilling tsipouro and grappa from grape marcs in our local, traditional distillery and finally bottling my own wine has been an exceptional  journey unlike any other.


Vintage 2015 fermenting in our vats

But more importantly having lived through this unique human activity rooted in centuries past and acquainted myself with its beneficial influence on human nature, I have grown to appreciate and cherish this “graceful coalition” between humans and the Vine and the simple means with which a vineyard compensates for human effort, offering – in wine – such a rich byproduct that stimulates all of our senses.


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